Case for the DP30V5A power supply

What this is

This is a case for the fantastic DP30V5A power supply I bought. It is a very small supply, about as big as a pack of cigarettes, but it comes without a case, with its back circuitry exposed. So, I figured I'd design and 3D-print my own.

How I made it

I designed it in Fusion 360 and 3D-printed it on my Wanhao i3. I had to go through various iterations to get the back and the front parts to fit together, and also to get the power supply and all the connectors fitting properly in the case, but the result was pretty much perfect!

Special considerations

I wanted it to have an XT60 connector and a USB connector as outputs, and I wanted a barrel jack input so I can use my various laptop AC/DC converters to power it. The XT60 connector is meant both for charging batteries and as a general-purpose connector (for example, I use it to get single wires for my breadboards, a DC barrel jack, etc). I didn't want to add a second barrel jack because I didn't want people accidentally plugging a power supply into the output and frying the DP.

It is available to download on Thingiverse.