Automatic dog feeder/waterer

What this is

This is a dog feeder/waterer my dad made. We wanted something that could feed Dimitra, our dog while we were away on vacation, and my dad designed, machined, welded and put together his own feeder. I installed the software and controller for the activation times.

Why I needed it

We didn't really need this, Dimitra doesn't really overeat, so we could have just left a giant pile of food out. However, this protects the food from other animals, and pours fresh water twice a day, so it's pretty great.

How we made it

The hardware part and internal machinery was cut and welded by my dad, and he installed a motor with a spring that acts as a screw that pushes the food towards the pipe as it turns. I installed a Sonoff switch that acts as an activation relay, activating itself twice a day by getting the time from the internet.

If there's no internet connection, it will activate itself twice a day at two random times, to make sure Dimitra has enough food.